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Basic dental treatments

Dental examination / check up

  • 1st visit ( oral examination plus panoramic photo)200 zł
  • Prosthetic consultation 150 zł
  • Implantology consultation 200 zł
  • Examination/ advice 50 zł


  • Filling in a living tooth, anatomical reconstruction 250-400 zł
  • Correction of the tooth shape150 zł
  • Filling in a dead tooth200 zł
  • Reconstruction after tooth canal treatment, composite, glass fiber reinforced450- 600 zł
  • Sealing100 zł
  • Composite veneer400 zł
  • Temporary dressing100 zł
  • Chemosetting filling g-j200 zł
  • Compass gliding500 zł

First Aid Measures in case of pain

  • Extirpation of the pulp (no microscope) , initial tooth preparation, X-ray230 zł


  • Hygienic advice, hygienic instructions50 zł
  • Scaling180 zł
  • Hygienic package : scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation 300 zł
  • Sanding200 zł
  • Fluoridation50 zł


  • Adaptive visit100 zł
  • Tooth sealing100 zł
  • Oral hygiene education50 zł
  • Milk tooth filling150 zł
  • Permanent teeth treatment – as in adults

Basic surgery

  • Basic / simple extraction with a tooth surgeryod 230 zł
  • Complicated extraction with an X-ray300-400 zł
  • Abscess dressing/incision100 zł
  • Milk tooth extraction100 zł
  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus2500 zł
  • PRF fibrinogen500 zł
  • Root appex resectionod 400 zł
  • Nodule excision + histopathological examination300 zł
  • Sinoplasty250 zł
  • Undercutting of the lip frenullum250 zł

Specialist Treatments

Rebuilding the bite and close circuit contacts

  • Reconstruction of occlusion and short circuit contacts – one tooth500zł
  • Bite correction, follow-up visit100 zł
  • Comprehensive occlusal analysis, treatment plan300 zł
  • Tooth reconstruction , fillingod 200zł
  • Root canal treatmentod 650 zł
  • Surgery: tooth extractionod 150 zł
  • Implantsod 3000 zł
  • Examination, tooth condition assessment / advice100 zł
  • Prosthetic tooth reconstructionod 1200 zł
  • Gum disease treatmentod 100 zł
  • Preventionod 50 zł
  • Orthodontics / bracesod 1800 zł

Analysis of Occlusion and Joint Relations

  • CAD/CAM dental arches scanning100 zł
  • Neuromuscular examination100 zł
  • Diagnostic wax-up 1 point / 1 tooth50 zł
  • Okluzogram150 zł

Computer Analysis of the Joints Pathways

  • Kondylography600 zł

Diagnostic of Bones and Artificial Structures

  • Image of the s – f joint one 3D side200 zł
  • OPG + cefalo photo130 zł
  • 3D bone structure imaging300 zł


  • Relaxation/repositional/stabilizing splint800 zł
  • Splints calibration0 zł
  • Tongue muscle trainer500 zł

Dear patient, due to the fact that it is only during the procedure that we can assess the size of the filling and the difficulty of the procedure, the prices given in the price list are indicative. In our Surgery, you receive The Wand STA computer anesthesia free of charge.

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