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Open yourself to new possibilities and take advantage of the services of aesthetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry offers many opportunities to improve the appearance of your teeth. Thanks to it, you can remove discolorations, correct the shape or brighten the natural colour of your teeth, which helps to improve the aesthetics of your smile. During treatment, we pay attention not only to the “white” but also to the “red” aesthetics. The first involves caring for the teeth, their colour and shape. The second concerns the appearance of the gums. In aesthetic dentistry, both of these elements are very important.

A perfect smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry at Uśmiechnij Mi Się

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Aesthetic smile

Get a beautiful and natural smile thanks to the effective reduction of discoloration and brightening of enamel. Thanks to our specialists, you can be sure that each stage of the treatment will be thoroughly explained and the effects will meet your expectations.

Improving well-being

Do not let the unaesthetic appearance of your teeth prevent you from establishing relationships with other people. Take advantage of our help and enjoy freedom and confidence during every conversation.

Qualified staff

With us you can count on full professionalism in the field of aesthetic dentistry, and our experienced doctors always take care of the health and appearance of the patient's teeth.

A beautiful smile at your fingertips at Uśmiechnij Mi Się

At Uśmiechnij Mi Się, we provide safe and effective cosmetic dentistry treatments for patients of all ages.

By combining knowledge, experience and the latest technologies, we achieve the expected visual effects. Our advanced skills and specialised equipment allow us to provide the highest level of services. Thanks to the innovative Smile Designer Pro technology, the patient can see the virtual design of his new smile before starting the aesthetic dentistry procedure. This approach guarantees a natural and precisely tailored final effect. This allows us to achieve the best aesthetic results.

Bonding (camouflage treatment)

Bonding is a method that enables quick and effective correction of the appearance of teeth. Thanks to the use of composite resins, their structure can be reconstructed and unsightly discolorations can be eliminated. This is an ideal solution for people who want to achieve a beautiful smile without having to interfere with the natural enamel. Thanks to bonding, you can improve the aesthetics of your smile quickly and painlessly.


At Uśmiechnij Mi Się, we perform teeth whitening in 3 variants, depending on the patient's preferences and dental condition.

Whitening using trays is a simple and effective method that can be done at home. After your visit to the dental hygienist, you will receive individually tailored overlays and a whitening preparation. Regular use of whitening gel overlays will allow you to achieve the desired effect in a short time. At each stage of the procedure, you will be carefully instructed on how to properly perform the procedure at home.

In-office whitening is a fast and effective method that gives immediate results. The procedure is performed by an experienced hygienist who, after carefully examining your teeth, will select an appropriate whitening preparation. A special lamp that is used during the procedure significantly speeds up the whitening process. Within one or two visits you will have a beautiful, white smile. During the whitening treatment, we also reduce tooth sensitivity using nanohydroxyapatite.

The combined whitening method is the perfect solution for people who want to achieve maximum whitening effects. Professional whitening is performed in the dentist’s office, and then you receive an overlay whitening kit that allows you to maintain the achieved effect and continue to gradually whiten your teeth at home.

Our dentists

W Centrum Uśmiechnij Mi Się zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę stomatologiczną dla dzieci, dorosłych i seniorów.

dentist Marta Niedziela-Sołtysiak

implantology, microscopic dentistry, implantoprosthetics

dentist Michał Suchodolski

Medical manager, endodontics, prosthetics, cad-cam prosthetics

dentist Katarzyna Hadera

dental prosthetics

dentist Jerzy Piotr Czarnocki

prosthetics, endodontics

Price list

Flow-injection restoration - Bonding 1 toothPLN 500
Prevdent in-office whiteningPLN 1500
Overlay whiteningPLN 1000
Porcelain veneer 1 toothPLN 2200

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