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Get your beautiful smile back in 7 months!

A groundbreaking treatment method for patients with severely missing teeth, very damaged teeth or complete toothlessness.

The ALL-ON-4® method makes it possible to restore full teeth in a short period of time. A precise treatment plan ensures that the expected effect is achieved within 9 visits, planned on the basis of a set schedule. Already in the initial phase of the program, the patient receives temporary prosthetic restorations, which allow for comfortable functioning throughout the entire treatment period, until the final prosthetic works are completed. Unlike traditional dentures, this type of implants provides patients with well-fitting permanent teeth, ensuring comfort when eating and everyday life.

Why is it worth it?

The ALL-ON-4® method allows you to regain your beautiful smile and confidence in a short period of time.

Effective treatment plan

Restoration of full teeth is possible in just 7 months. Thanks to a precise treatment plan, you will achieve the desired effect within 9 visits.

Significant savings

Traditional implantological treatment often requires expensive bone reconstruction, and the ALL-ON-4® method allows you to significantly reduce these expenses.

Painless treatment

The procedures are performed under local anesthesia, but to increase patient comfort, we also offer the option of analgosedation (anesthesia).

How does the All on 4® method work?

A quick and effective method of tooth restoration.

Reconstruction of missing teeth using the All on 4® method involves placing four implants in the dental arch and the prosthesis is placed on them on the same day.

ALL-ON-4® implants method is an innovative tooth reconstruction technique that allows obtaining a permanent prosthetic restoration even in cases of complete tooth loss. It involves placing four dental implants in strategic places in the dental arch, on which a prosthetic arch is then mounted. This innovative treatment method can completely replace dentures or crowns on implants, which provides patients with a durable and comfortable solution aimed at restoring the natural appearance and functionality of their teeth. Treatment based on the ALL-ON-4® method is carried out by an experienced team of prosthetic and surgical experts, who have at their disposal full diagnostic facilities, equipped with modern dental equipment. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the services provided by us are at the highest level.

Our dentists

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doctor Maciej Nowiński, MD

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Price list

Nobel Biocare premium implants, AlphaBio Neo, ThommenFrom PLN 3500
Implantoprosthetics all-ceramic crownsFrom PLN 3100
Total restoration/1 day, 1 arch/ on 4 All On 4® implantsFrom PLN 27,000
Raising the floor of the maxillary sinusfrom PLN 3000
Bone augmentationPLN 3500

Enjoy your new smile in 7 months!

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