Price list

Below you will find the price list of the services we provide.

The quote and treatment plan are provided after the oral dental examination.

If you do not see the treatment you are looking for in the tables, write or call us and ask for the availability. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.

We would like to inform you that the prices presented are published for information purposes and do not constitute offers within the meaning of the Civil Code. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the full price list available in our dental office. We work based on a treatment plan, which the patient can read during the consultation visit.


Dental examination

1st visit (panoramic x-ray + oral examination)PLN 200
Prosthetic consultationfrom PLN 250
Implantology consultationPLN 200

PREVENTION /supra- and subgingival/

Hygiene advice / hygiene instructionPLN 50
Hygienisation package: scaling, sandblasting, fluoride treatmentPLN 390
SandblastingPLN 210
FluoridationPLN 50


Nobel Biocare premium implants, AlphaBio Neo, ThommenFrom PLN 3500
Implantoprosthetics all-ceramic crownsFrom PLN 3100
Total restoration/1 day, 1 arch/ on 4 All On 4® implantsFrom PLN 27,000
Raising the floor of the maxillary sinusfrom PLN 3000
Bone augmentationPLN 3500

Aesthetic stomatology

Flow-injection restoration - Bonding 1 toothPLN 500
Prevdent in-office whiteningPLN 1500
Overlay whiteningPLN 1000
Porcelain veneer 1 toothPLN 2200

Conservative dentistry

Filling in a living tooth, anatomical restorationPLN 300-600
Tooth shape correctionfrom PLN 150
Filling in a dead tooth from PLN 200from PLN 200
Composite reconstruction after root canal treatmentPLN 450-600
Sealingfrom PLN 200
Temporary dressingPLN 130
Chemically hardened g-j fillingPLN 200
Teeth splinting with compositePLN 500
first aid in case of pain
Pulp extirpation under microscope, preliminary tooth preparation, X-rayPLN 300

Paediatric dentistry

Adaptation visitPLN 100
Tooth sealingPLN 100
Learning oral hygienePLN 50
Filling in a milk toothfrom PLN 150

Treatment under sedation.

AnalgosedationPLN 1500
Inhalation sedationPLN 200 (per half hour)

Dental surgery

Basic surgery

Simple extraction with X-rayfrom PLN 230
Extraction difficult with X-rayPLN 300-650
Dressing/incision of the abscessfrom PLN 180
Milk tooth extractionfrom PLN 130
PRF fibrinogenPLN 500
Resection of the root apexfrom PLN 400
Lump removal + histopathological examinationfrom PLN 300
Plastic surgery of the oro-sinus junctionfrom PLN 250
Cutting the frenulum of the lipfrom PLN 250

Treatment under sedation.

AnalgosedationPLN 1500
Inhalation sedationPLN 200 (per half hour)


One-visit root canal treatmentPLN 1000
Biodentine biological treatmentPLN 300
Removal of a broken toolPLN 300

Prosthodontics and orthodontics

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts - one toothfrom PLN 500
Bite correction/follow-up visitPLN 100
Comprehensive bite analysis, treatment planPLN 300
Tooth restoration / fillingfrom PLN 300
Examination, assessment of teeth condition / advicePLN 100
Prosthetic tooth restorationFrom PLN 1500
Tooth reconstruction with an all-ceramic crownfrom PLN 2200
Orthodontics / bracesfrom PLN 1800
Orthodontics, ORTHERO transparent overlays, entire treatmentfrom PLN 14000
Biofunctional complete prosthesisFrom PLN 2000

Mouth guards

Relaxation / repositioning / stabilisation guardsfrom PLN 1000
calibration of the guard / overlayPLN 0


CondylographyPLN 600


Analysis of occlusions and joint relationships

CAD/CAM scanning of dental archesPLN 150
Neuromuscular examinationPLN 130
Diagnostic wax-up - 1 toothFrom PLN 50
OcclusionogramsPLN 180

Mouth guards

Relaxation / repositioning / stabilisation guardsfrom PLN 1000
calibration of the guard / overlayPLN 0


Gum augmentation before orthodontic treatmentPLN 2000
Gum augmentationPLN 1600
Large open curettage (4-6 teeth)PLN 1300
Arch corticotomyPLN 1600
Covering multiple gingival recessionsPLN 2500
Clinical crown lengtheningPLN 800
Gum disease treatmentfrom PLN 100

X-ray diagnostics

Diagnosis of bone and joint structures

Imaging of the temporomandibular joint - one side 3D tomographyPLN 200
OPG photoPLN 100
Imaging bone structures 3D tomographyPLN 300

Dear Patient, due to the fact that the size of the filling and the difficulty of the procedure can only be assessed during the procedure, the prices given in the price list are indicative. At Uśmiechnij Mi Się you receive computer anaesthesia with The Wand STA free of charge.