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A safe and effective method of dental restoration.

Implantology allows the reconstruction of missing teeth by placing a titanium implant in the jaw bone, which serves as the tooth root. After the implant has healed, a prosthetic crown is placed, resembling a natural tooth in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to the implants, patients regain their full smile and the comfort of eating.

Why is it worth it?

Implants are an effective solution for many problems related to the aesthetics and functionality of teeth.

Get your beautiful smile back

Implants allow you to restore lost teeth and smile aesthetics. The crown, which is placed on the implant, is made in such a way that it has exactly the same shade as the patient's natural teeth, so it does not stand out visually from the other teeth.

A durable and convenient solution

Implants are a solution that not only restores the aesthetics of your smile, but also permanently improves chewing comfort. In as many as 98% of patients, the implants are permanently integrated with the bone, causing no problems in subsequent use (while eating or talking).

They prevent face deformations

Implantological treatment prevents facial deformation by replacing the missing tooth with an implant that perfectly fits the dental arch. Thanks to this, we avoid bone loss at the site of tooth loss, which may lead to unsightly changes in the appearance of the face.

What's worth knowing about the implant procedure?

The implantation procedure is carried out under anesthesia after a thorough analysis of the bone conditions.

After a thorough analysis of the condition of the teeth and bone conditions, we prepare an individual implant template. Then we start the implantation procedure, which is performed under anesthesia. During the procedure, the dentist incises the mucous membrane, then drills through the bone, and then embeds the implant. After the procedure is completed, the wound is secured with stitches and they are removed after 10-14 days. The final stage is supplementing the implant in the form of a crown, arch or denture, which ensures an aesthetic and functional effect.

Even though the implantation procedure may seem complicated, patients do not have to worry about discomfort or pain. Our experienced dental staff makes sure that the entire procedure is safe and comfortable for the patient.

Precise treatment planning

By using the latest achievements in digital technology, we are able to predict treatment results. We use tomography, which allows us to assess the bone conditions before starting the procedure, and thus plan it precisely. This allows us to achieve a reliable result that will meet our patients' expectations. Everything is done in a safe and controlled manner, and thanks to precise planning of the procedure, we minimize the risk of complications and provide maximum comfort to patients.

Safety comes first

Our priority is to provide patients with safety and comfort during treatment. We use only the highest quality materials, such as biocompatible titanium used in implants produced by Alpha Bio and Nobel Biocare. Thanks to this, we can ensure full safety and effectiveness of the implant treatment. Our treatment philosophy is based on an individual approach to each patient and precise planning of each procedure, which ensures full control over its course and achievement of optimal results.

Our implantologists

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dentist Marta Niedziela-Sołtysiak

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dentist Maciej Koropacz

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Price list

Nobel Biocare premium implants, AlphaBio Neo, ThommenFrom PLN 3500
Implantoprosthetics all-ceramic crownsFrom PLN 3100
Total restoration/1 day, 1 arch/ on 4 All On 4® implantsFrom PLN 27,000
Raising the floor of the maxillary sinusfrom PLN 3000
Bone augmentationPLN 3500

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