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Modern technologies for the health of your teeth

At Uśmiechnij Mi Się, we focus on the full commitment and professionalism of our dentists, who combine their qualifications, many years of experience and empathy to provide patients with the best dental care. High-class equipment and modern technologies at our disposal allow us to perform effective diagnostics and treatment, and because we use the latest methods and procedures, we can provide patients with more predictable and lasting treatment effects. Our priority is patient safety and their full satisfaction with a beautiful smile.

Get to know our technologies

3D Dental Tomography with Positioning Assistant

The Carestream CS 9600 system is an advanced computed tomography system that combines three different technologies: panoramic imaging, cephalometry and three-dimensional imaging. Thanks to this, it provides excellent extraoral diagnostics, which significantly facilitates making accurate decisions regarding the patient’s further treatment.

The CS 9600 uses innovative features such as Live Positioning Assistant, video cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more accurate scans the first time, allowing you to achieve consistent results over time. The system records each patient’s parameters, enabling repeatability of follow-up imaging with one touch.

The positioning assistant helps you position the patient precisely, allowing for even more accurate images. It is a complete system that ensures precise diagnosis and therefore improves the level of dental care. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to obtain very accurate, three-dimensional images of the structures of the oral cavity, including teeth, bones and soft tissues, as well as to check the correctness of the respiratory path. 3D dental tomography with positioning assist is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools in dentistry.

Cadiax® condylography

It is a modern method of diagnostics and functional analysis that allows for a thorough examination of the movements of the temporomandibular joints and the hinge axis, as well as for planning treatment and programming a device to simulate the jaw system settings. Thanks to this technology, we can individually adjust the prosthetic restoration, control laboratory processes, document data and verify treatment progress. The Cadiax® condyllography enables earlier detection of functional disorders and eliminates the risk of errors in the work of a prosthodontist.

Trios 3Shape and CS3800 intraoral scanners

Trios 3Shape and CS3800 are innovative diagnostic tools used in dentistry to scan a patient’s oral cavity, teeth and gums. Thanks to this, the dentist can obtain a very detailed anatomical image of the oral cavity, which can be used to design prosthetic restorations, orthodontic overlays or to plan tooth implantation. These scanners allow for obtaining high-quality three-dimensional images, and their advantage is also the speed and non-invasive nature of diagnostics. Trios 3Shape and CS3800 are tools that use structured light scanning and laser triangulation technology to create images.

Top Zeiss Extaro 300 treatment microscopes

Top Zeiss Extaro 300 is an advanced diagnostic and surgical device used in dentistry and oral surgery. They have an optical system that allows you to precisely observe and manipulate small anatomical structures in the oral cavity, such as teeth, gums, root canals, as well as hard and soft tissues. This allows the doctor to make even more accurate diagnoses and perform more complex surgical procedures. The Top Zeiss Extaro 300 operating microscopes are equipped with additional functions, such as digital magnification control, LED backlight, light filtering system, the ability to record and send images to the monitor and many others, which facilitate the doctor’s work and provide the patient with greater comfort during the procedure.

The Wand computer anesthesia

The Wand is a modern method of dental anesthesia that uses a computer control system for precise and controlled administration of the anesthetic to the area around the tooth or gum of the patient. The Wand system allows for more effective and safe anesthesia, and also minimizes discomfort and pain during the administration of the anesthetic. Thanks to The Wand technology, the dosage of anesthesia is precisely adjusted to the patient’s individual needs, which increases the effectiveness and comfort of dental treatment.

T-Scan Novus digital occlusion analysis system

The T-scan Novus computer occlusion analysis system by Tekscan is an advanced diagnostic tool used in dentistry to assess contact between the patient’s teeth during bites. It allows for a thorough analysis of the forces acting on contact points in the oral cavity and their changes over time. It allows for the detection of excessive loads and effectively eliminates them, which helps to improve the durability of all-ceramic restorations. The system consists of an ultra-thin sensory mat that is placed on the patient’s teeth and computer software that analyses the data from the mat and generates a three-dimensional image of the bite. T-Scan Novus is used to diagnose and treat a variety of bite-related problems such as bite irregularities, bruxism, and temporomandibular joint disease.

Inhalation sedation

Inhalation sedation in dentistry is a process involving the reduction of the activity of the central nervous system, achieved by inhaling a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Thanks to this, the patient experiences a state of relaxation while retaining awareness and control over his body. Inhalation sedation is used primarily to calm down patients who have a strong fear of dental treatment and standard needle anesthesia. This method is also beneficial for patients suffering from diseases such as asthma, epilepsy, nervous hyperactivity, heart disease and hypertension, as it reduces stress and the possible risk of complications.

AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master

AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is an innovative system for removing plaque from teeth, which uses a stream of air, water and sodium-bicarbonate powder. The device is equipped with a precise pressure regulator and special tips that enable safe and effective removal of tartar, plaque and discoloration from the tooth surface. AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is used in professional oral hygiene and as a tool to prepare teeth for dental treatments, such as fillings, veneers or whitening.