Prevention and oral hygiene

Take care of your oral hygiene and prevent tooth diseases

Enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile every day thanks to regular preventive dental care.

Dental preventive care is an effective method of maintaining oral health, thanks to which you will avoid many problems with your teeth and gums. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult – prevention is important at every age.

Why is it worth it?

Prevention and hygiene are an effective way of taking care of your oral health.

Increased resistance of the teeth

Dental prevention minimises the risk of caries, bacterial gingivitis and other oral diseases. Follow-up visits allow for earlier detection of potential defects.

It improves smile aesthetic

Regular removal of deposits and tartar and smoothing of the tooth surface allows you to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Protects the gums

Scaling is not only a way to have a beautiful smile, but also effective protection against tooth loss. By preventing the gums from receding and tooth necks exposed, scaling minimises the risk of serious dental problems.

The basis for maintaining healthy teeth

At Uśmiechnij Mi Się, we offer an innovative ITOP program, which includes personalised training and oral hygiene instruction, tailored to the needs and age of each patient.

We invite you to regular check-ups during which we verify whether the patient uses appropriate oral hygiene techniques. Our qualified and experienced dental hygienist performs all necessary preventive treatments, ensuring the highest level of comfort and safety.
Look what services we provide:

ITOP hygiene instruction

During individual instruction, we present proper techniques for cleaning teeth and interdental spaces, and we also provide advice on how to take care of gum health. We also provide help in selecting the best preparations and toothbrushes to make oral hygiene as effective as possible.

Tartar removal (scaling)

Mechanical tartar removal is intended to maintain the beautiful appearance of teeth and prevent the formation of caries. During the procedure, plaque and tartar are removed, especially from the areas around the tooth necks, where the largest amounts of bacteria usually accumulate.


Often used as part of a dental preventive treatment, it involves removing tartar, plaque and discoloration from the tooth surface, as well as smoothing the enamel surface. Thanks to this, the effect of white, smooth and clean teeth is achieved, which affects their aesthetics. This procedure is painless and quick, and its effects last for a long time.


The treatment involves applying a special preparation to the surface of the teeth, which contains a high concentration of fluoride. Its aim is to increase the resistance of the enamel to caries and to remineralise small cavities. The preparation is applied in the form of gel, foam or varnish, depending on the patient's preferences and the dentist's recommendations.

Our qualified dental hygienists

At the Uśmiechnij Mi Się Centre, we offer comprehensive dental care for people of all ages - for children, adults and seniors. We provide comprehensive solutions, adapted to the needs and requirements of each patient.

hygienist Anna Hutny

Patient caregiver

hygienist Paulina Rożnawska

Dental hygienist

Marysia Kubiak

Dental assistant

Price list

Dental examination

1st visit (panoramic x-ray + oral examination)PLN 200
Prosthetic consultationfrom PLN 250
Implantology consultationPLN 200

PREVENTION /supra- and subgingival/

Hygiene advice / hygiene instructionPLN 50
Hygienisation package: scaling, sandblasting, fluoride treatmentPLN 390
SandblastingPLN 210
FluoridationPLN 50

Enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile every day

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