X-ray diagnostics

The way to the source of the problem

X-ray diagnostics allows for quick and precise identification of the source of the problem, which allows for immediate implementation of effective treatment.

Oral X-ray is a short and painless radiological examination, which involves taking an X-ray of the teeth, facial bones and temporomandibular joints, allowing for the detection of abnormalities in this area.

Why is it worth it?

X-ray is an invaluable support in making the correct diagnosis.


X-ray examination is an extremely helpful diagnostic tool that enables the dentist to quickly and effectively detect problems with the patient's teeth.


X-rays are safe for most patients and recommended for many ailments. Only in case of pregnancy, the doctor may recommend another diagnostic test.


Painless and quick X-ray diagnostics is a non-invasive method that allows you to obtain an accurate diagnosis in just a few minutes, without the need for prior preparation.

Modern digital diagnostics

The X-ray machine at Uśmiechnij Mi Się is a modern solution that allows for precise diagnosis. Its digital extraoral imaging system allows for rapid analysis of results.

In our X-ray laboratory, we provide the highest quality of imaging thanks to instantaneous digital spot, three-dimensional and panoramic photos that emit a much lower dose of radiation than traditional X-rays.

Tooth X-ray image

The most frequently performed type of X-ray in dentistry, which allows for accurate diagnosis of disease and inflammation of the tooth and the tooth roots.

Cephalometric image

A lateral skull photo is a non-invasive and painless examination that allows for a quick and accurate diagnosis of bite problems, which is essential in planning effective orthodontic treatment.

Panoramic dental X-ray

A panoramic intraoral photo shows an image of the patient's entire maxilla and mandible. It allows you to visualise all teeth, their roots, and anatomical structures such as temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. It is useful in diagnostics and planning dental treatment.

Dental tomography

Dental tomography is used to analyse bone condition. It enables obtaining a three-dimensional image of the anatomical structures of the oral cavity and facial skeleton. This is particularly useful in implantological, surgical and endodontic diagnostics, because it allows for the precise determination of the size, shape and position of bones and teeth.

Price list

Imaging of the temporomandibular joint - one side 3D tomographyPLN 200
OPG photoPLN 100
Imaging bone structures 3D tomographyPLN 300

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