Restore the natural appearance of your teeth

We provide the highest quality of prosthetic services, including the creation of durable and aesthetic tooth replacements that fully recreate the natural appearance and functions of the teeth.

We will rebuild damaged teeth and restore their natural appearance and functions. Thanks to a variety of materials and modern technologies, our crowns, arches and dentures are not only aesthetic but also durable and comfortable.

What are the benefits of prosthetic treatment?

It improves the aesthetics of the smile and the comfort of life.

Beautiful appearance

A smile is a person's calling card, and its aesthetics are very important for the appearance of the face. Thanks to prosthetics, patients can enjoy a beautiful smile even if they have lost all their natural teeth.

Comfort of eating and talking

Prosthetic treatment focuses not only on restoring the aesthetics but also on the functionality of the teeth. Fillings enable the muscles of the oral cavity and its surroundings to function properly, thus restoring the comfort of speaking and chewing, acting like natural teeth.

Disease prevention

The lack of full teeth often leads to pain, as cavities cause periodontal disease and malocclusion. Disturbances in proper biting and breathing may also lead to diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems.

We offer modern prosthetic solutions

We are experienced specialists in the field of prosthetics who continually improve their qualifications by participating in international standard courses.

Thanks to this, we offer a modern approach to prosthetic treatment, allowing for the full reconstruction of lost teeth and restoring their functionality. A wide selection of prosthetic solutions allows the filling to be perfectly matched to the patient’s needs and bite conditions. In combination with high-quality materials, this guarantees extremely durable and functional results.

Types of prosthetic restorations offered:


These are thin, porcelain prosthetic flakes that are placed on the enamel surface. Their most common application is to improve the aesthetics of the smile, both the colour and shape of the teeth. Veneers are exceptionally durable and resistant to abrasion, and once put on, they can last for many years. Thanks to them, it is possible to improve the visual beauty of your smile


A crown is a precise reproduction of a natural tooth in terms of shape, function and colour, which can be placed on an implant or tooth that requires reconstruction. This is a solution used in cases of significant damage or loss of a tooth crown, providing not only functionality, but also a great opportunity to improve the aesthetics of the smile.


An arch is a fixed multi-tooth restoration, most often used in the case of the loss of several adjacent teeth (maximum 3), consisting of a pontic and interconnected crowns. The arch replaces lost teeth visually and functionally, ensuring full chewing function.


Removable prostheses are prosthetic restorations used when all or most of the teeth are missing. Visually, they imitate natural teeth very well, but are worse in terms of functionality and comfort of use. An alternative to removable prostesis are implants.

Our prosthodontists

W Centrum Uśmiechnij Mi Się zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę stomatologiczną dla dzieci, dorosłych i seniorów.

dentist Marta Niedziela-Sołtysiak

implantology, microscopic dentistry, implantoprosthetics

dentist Michał Suchodolski

Medical manager, endodontics, prosthetics, cad-cam prosthetics

dentist Katarzyna Hadera

dental prosthetics

dentist Jerzy Piotr Czarnocki

prosthetics, endodontics

dental technician Paweł Sporysz

cad-cam prosthetics, digital design

Price list

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts - one toothfrom PLN 500
Bite correction/follow-up visitPLN 100
Comprehensive bite analysis, treatment planPLN 300
Tooth restoration / fillingfrom PLN 300
Examination, assessment of teeth condition / advicePLN 100
Prosthetic tooth restorationFrom PLN 1500
Tooth reconstruction with an all-ceramic crownfrom PLN 2200
Orthodontics / bracesfrom PLN 1800
Orthodontics, ORTHERO transparent overlays, entire treatmentfrom PLN 14000
Biofunctional complete prosthesisFrom PLN 2000

Analysis of occlusions and joint relationships

CAD/CAM scanning of dental archesPLN 150
Neuromuscular examinationPLN 130
Diagnostic wax-up - 1 toothFrom PLN 50
OcclusionogramsPLN 180

Mouth guards

Relaxation / repositioning / stabilisation guardsfrom PLN 1000
calibration of the guard / overlayPLN 0


CondylographyPLN 600

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