Dental treatment under anesthesia

Analgosedation - a comfortable visit to the dentist without fear and pain

A visit to the dentist often triggers unpleasant emotions, such as fear or uncertainty. Thanks to modern treatment methods, your dental visit can be painless and comfortable. Our center offers analgosedation, a special type of general anesthesia – administered intravenously by an experienced anesthesiologist. This allows the patient to enter a state of “sleep” during the procedure. Thanks to this, you do not have to fear pain or discomfort. Do you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile, but you are afraid of visits to the dentist? There is no need to postpone treatment! Our experienced team of doctors will do everything to make you feel safe and comfortable. We will provide treatment without pain and unnecessary anxiety, so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Why is it worth it?

Analgosedation is an excellent way to painlessly perform a wide range of treatments during one visit!

Patient comfort and safety

Thanks to analgosedation, the patient is in a state of limited consciousness during the procedure, which effectively eliminates the pain and anxiety associated with the procedure. Additionally, after waking up, the patient does not remember the course of treatment, which further reduces the stress associated with remembering traumatic experiences.

A way out of dentophobia

Analgosedation is the perfect solution for people who experience severe anxiety and discomfort during visits to the dentist. Thanks to anesthesia, the patient feels relaxed and calm, and after the procedure he does not have any unpleasant memories. Additionally, analgosedation can help people with vomiting during the procedure, ensuring maximum comfort.

Minimum preparations

The analgosedation treatment does not require complicated preparations. After a preliminary analysis of the health condition, possible tests and an interview with the patient, all you need to remember is not to eat meals 6 hours before the procedure and to stop drinking 4 hours before.

What is Analgosedation

Analgosedation is an innovative anesthesia method that combines sedative and hypnotic drugs with painkillers. Thanks to this, after intravenous administration of the agent, the patient does not feel pain and is able to breathe freely. This method enables even long (approximately 2 hour) dental treatments to be performed, while ensuring maximum comfort for the patient and the doctor. Treatment under anesthesia is an ideal solution for people struggling with anxiety before visiting the dentist and for those who want to avoid discomfort and pain during the procedure.

Analgosedation can also be used in children. Thanks to the fact that the little patient is in a state of relaxation and does not feel any pain, a visit to the dentist becomes less stressful and traumatic. Dental treatment under anesthesia is recommended for children with dental phobia, when the child does not want to cooperate with the dentist, and also when he feels a general reluctance to visit the dentist. At our center, we use professional analgosedation methods that allow for precise adjustment of the dose of the drug to the individual needs of each child, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

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Price list

AnalgosedationPLN 1500
Inhalation sedationPLN 200 (per half hour)

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Every medical action carries a risk, including anesthesia, but it is important to realise that no treatment is definitely the worst solution, which threatens life and health. At UMS, dental treatment under general anesthesia is performed under the supervision of a specialist anesthesiologist. We use the right equipment and operate on the basis of precise procedures to reduce risk!