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A child's first visit to the dentist - what should you do to make them feel comfortable and safe?

Are you worried that your little one’s first visit to the dentist will be unpleasant and full of unnecessary stress? No need to worry! All you need to do is properly prepare your child for the visit to make it comfortable and hassle-free. In our guide you will find many proven tips that will help parents provide their children with a pleasant and positive experience when visiting the dentist.

The first check-up visit to the dentist should take place between 2 and 3 years of age, when the child is able to cooperate with the dentist, understands his instructions and is ready for an oral examination. However, it is worth visiting a dentist earlier, around 1 year of age, to learn how to take care of your teeth during the teething period.


Plan your child’s first visit to the dentist before dental problems occur! A check-up visit between 2 and 3 years of age allows dentists to check whether the teeth are developing properly and whether there are no beginnings of caries. Prepare your child for the visit at home to make the visit to the dentist pleasant and stress-free.

It is usually parents, not children, who are afraid of their first visit to the dentist. However, it is natural that your approach will influence the emotional state of your child. That’s why it’s worth focusing on the positive aspects of a visit to the dentist and preparing your child for it in advance.

With our youngest patients in mind, at Uśmiechnij Mi Się we pay particular attention to comfort and a pleasant atmosphere during the first visit to the dentist. To provide the child with the best possible conditions, we suggest two-stage preparation: first at home, and then in the office.

To help your child become more comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist, you can try playing dentist at home. It is a safe and comfortable place for the child, and the play will allow him to understand how the visit will go. All you need to do is collect your child’s favorite stuffed animals and start playing with tooth treatment. Thanks to this, the child will feel at ease and it will certainly be easier for him to proceed to a real visit to the dentist. However, never tell your child before the appointment that it won’t hurt.

The child’s first visit to the dentist is primarily intended to accustom the child to the unfamiliar surroundings and minimise any possible fear. That is why it is so important for the child to learn the entire procedure of visiting a dentist through play. Manipulating the buttons on the control console, riding on the chair, and putting a seal on the mascot – all this will allow the child to become accustomed to the entire process, which will, in turn, contribute to forgetting about fear and having a positive approach to check-ups and treatment.

How we introduce a child to the world of dentistry has a huge impact on his or her future approach to treatment and oral hygiene care.

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