Conservative dentistry

Take care of the health of your smile through prevention

Conservative dentistry helps maintain the health and aesthetics of your teeth, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful smile.

Conservative dentistry focuses on the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, especially the most common dental disease, which is caries. Enamel demineralization and cavities are problems often faced by patients. Conservative dentistry allows us to effectively solve these problems. Untreated caries can lead to tooth loss and also have a negative impact on the health of the entire body, leading to kidney and heart inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis or even sepsis.

What are the benefits of regular dental prophylaxis?

With the help of an experienced dentist, you will overcome caries and protect yourself against it in the future

Based on an oral examination and dental interview, we will prepare an individual treatment plan for you, adapted to the condition of your teeth. Thanks to this, you will soon say goodbye to the problem of tooth decay.

Protects you against dental pain

If left untreated, caries can cause periodontitis, which manifests itself with severe pain and swelling. One diseased tooth is enough to infect the remaining healthy part of the tooth with caries.

Significant savings

Preventing caries by regularly filling small cavities and preventive treatments is much cheaper than treating advanced caries requiring surgical or endodontic intervention.

A beautiful and healthy smile

Dental caries can be seen with the naked eye - dark spots on the teeth are very visible and often reduce self-confidence. Failure to undertake treatment may even lead to tooth loss.

Do not ignore tooth decay - quick and effective treatment will prevent more serious problems.

It's easy with us! We provide help both in preventing future cases of tooth decay and in situations when you are already struggling with it.

At Uśmiechnij Mi Się, we perform thorough diagnostics and develop effective treatment, tailored to the degree of advancement of caries lesions. Thanks to modern dental techniques, we offer very aesthetic fillings and tooth reconstructions, which restore their health and beautiful appearance. By taking care of your teeth, you are investing in the future; untreated problems may require the removal of damaged teeth and result in significant treatment costs.


Regular check-up visits to the dentist are the basis for effective caries prevention. They make it possible to quickly detect the first symptoms of the disease and implement appropriate treatment. This minimises the risk of serious damage to teeth and the need to perform complex procedures.


Modern treatment methods used at Uśmiechnij Mi Się allow for obtaining excellent results in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Our services include enamel remineralisation treatments, filling cavities with porcelain-based materials, and, if necessary, root canal, orthodontic or surgical treatment.

Our dentists

W Centrum Uśmiechnij Mi Się zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę stomatologiczną dla dzieci, dorosłych i seniorów.

At the Uśmiechnij Mi Się Center, we provide comprehensive dental care for children, adults and seniors.

Price list

Filling in a living tooth, anatomical restorationPLN 300-600
Tooth shape correctionfrom PLN 150
Filling in a dead tooth from PLN 200from PLN 200
Composite reconstruction after root canal treatmentPLN 450-600
Sealingfrom PLN 200
Temporary dressingPLN 130
Chemically hardened g-j fillingPLN 200
Teeth splinting with compositePLN 500
first aid in case of pain
Pulp extirpation under microscope, preliminary tooth preparation, X-rayPLN 300

At Uśmiechnij Mi Się we will take care of your teeth!

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