A complicated tooth restoration in two hours? With the CAD/CAM technology it is possible!

Dental treatment does not have to take a lot of time.

In dentistry, one of the most modern tools is the CAD/CAM technology, which allows for computer-aided design and production of restorations (Computer Aided Manufacturing). This specialised software is used not only in industry, but also in the field of dentistry, where it is successfully used for precise and effective patient treatment. In one dental visit, we offer full treatment, which includes filling in missing teeth, making precise and aesthetic veneers, crowns, bridges, as well as cosmetic onlay and inlay fillings, which are an alternative to traditional ones and are also used in the case of large cavities. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, we can provide our patients with the highest quality of treatment, precision and aesthetics, while saving them time.

Why is it worth it?

Modern solutions allow us to shorten the path to a beautiful smile.


CAD/CAM systems allow you to design and produce dental restorations with very high precision. This makes it possible to obtain a more accurate and lasting treatment effect.

Reducing treatment time

CAD/CAM systems enable the design and production of dental restorations in just a few hours, so patients can receive a ready-made restoration in just one visit to the dentist.

Improved aesthetics

CAD/CAM systems allow for precise matching of the shape and colour of dental fillings to the patient's natural teeth. This allows for better aesthetics and a natural appearance of the restorations.

How does the CAD/CAM work?

Thanks to digital techniques, dentists at UŚMIECHNIJ MI SIĘ no longer make traditional impressions, the taking of which is a time-consuming process, fraught with the risk of error and not very comfortable for the patient.

Instead, we use the highly innovative TRIOS® 3 intraoral scanner from the Danish company 3Shape, a pioneer and industry leader. The scanner takes a series of photos, based on which a three-dimensional virtual model is created, perfectly illustrating the inside of the patient’s mouth. The advanced 3D Ceramill Mind/Exocad software is then used by the dentist and technician to design the shape and appearance of the tooth in such a way as to obtain the best possible anatomical effect and maximum improvement of the aesthetics of the smile. The prosthetic works prepared in this way are sent to specialised, computer-controlled 5-axis milling machines from AmannGirrbach and Roland, which guarantees full precision in the implementation of tooth replacement. All of these processes are carried out in our prosthetic laboratory under strict expert supervision.

One-day tooth restoration

We can complete the entire CAD/CAM tooth restoration process in one day!

To expand our diagnostic and treatment options, we also use a Carestream scanner to ensure that orthodontic and implantological treatment is well planned and predictable. Based on the scans, we make implant templates and discreet overlay systems for orthodontic treatment, the so-called invisible braces.

We know that your time is valuable, which is why at UŚMIECHNIJ MI SIĘ we focus on innovative technologies so that the path to a beautiful and healthy smile is as short as possible.

Our technicians

W Centrum Uśmiechnij Mi Się zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę stomatologiczną dla dzieci, dorosłych i seniorów.

dental technician Paweł Sporysz

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Price list

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts - one toothfrom PLN 500
Bite correction/follow-up visitPLN 100
Comprehensive bite analysis, treatment planPLN 300
Tooth restoration / fillingfrom PLN 300
Examination, assessment of teeth condition / advicePLN 100
Prosthetic tooth restorationFrom PLN 1500
Tooth reconstruction with an all-ceramic crownfrom PLN 2200
Orthodontics / bracesfrom PLN 1800
Orthodontics, ORTHERO transparent overlays, entire treatmentfrom PLN 14000
Biofunctional complete prosthesisFrom PLN 2000

Enjoy a new smile in one day!

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