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Discover the potential of orthodontic treatment and gain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of malocclusions and maxillofacial defects in children and adults. It is not only a way to obtain beautiful and even teeth that have a positive effect on facial aesthetics and well-being, but also has many other benefits, such as improving pronunciation or maintaining healthy and perfectly aligned teeth.

Why is it worth it?

Orthodontic treatment has a huge impact on the aesthetics of a natural smile and also has a beneficial effect on dental health.

It provides a beautiful smile and harmonious facial features

Malocclusion can affect the appearance of the whole face, not just the smile. With orthodontic treatment, it is possible to correct deformities caused by abnormal development of the jaw or teeth.

Prevention of oral and gum disorders

The arrangement of your teeth influences your oral health, and the even arrangement of your teeth facilitates effective hygiene. This helps prevent dental disease and ensure long-term oral health.

Improving the efficiency of the chewing process

A properly positioned bite allows the chewing muscles to work properly and digest food easier, which transfers into health and well-being.

Orthodontic treatment produces straight teeth in a short time

During the first visit, the orthodontist conducts a consultation, during which he thoroughly examines the condition of the patient's teeth and diagnoses the orthodontic problem.

Precise diagnostics requires taking digital and X-ray photos, taking dental impressions or scanning the teeth to create virtual diagnostic models. On this basis, the orthodontist can assess whether the malocclusion is correctable, and if so, select the appropriate orthodontic appliance.

We use an innovative method of orthodontic treatment using transparent overlay appliances. Each aligner is precisely adjusted to the patient’s teeth, which ensures greater comfort of use and excellent effectiveness compared to traditional orthodontic treatment methods.

Precise treatment plan

During the first consultation visit, you will discuss with the orthodontist which brace is best for you, and thanks to a 3D scanner and special software, we will conduct a virtual simulation of the entire treatment process and present the expected final effect, which will allow for precise planning of further treatment steps.

Instant results

Each aligner should be changed every 5-7 days, which allows you to gradually move your teeth to the desired position. Already from the first day of wearing the aligners, you can notice an improvement in malocclusions, and after a few months you can enjoy a perfect smile!

Discretion and comfort

Transparent aligners are virtually invisible, and the lack of metal elements and adaptation to individual needs make them very comfortable to use. No one will notice that you have braces.

Comfort of use

You can easily remove and put on the overlays yourself, it does not affect your eating habits, and your dental hygiene remains the same as before the treatment. During orthodontic treatment, we use our knowledge and experience, supported by a thorough cephalometric examination, which we perform in our laboratory along with a computer analysis of the teeth.

What is a cephalometric examination?

A cephalometric examination is a precise imaging test used mainly in orthodontics, allowing the specialist to conduct a detailed analysis of both the bone structures and soft tissues of the face. It is performed using a special panoramic x-ray attachment, and the radiation dose is completely safe for the patient. This diagnostic tool allows for even more precise adjustment of orthodontic treatment to the individual needs of the patient and ensures the best final results.

Our doctors

W Centrum Uśmiechnij Mi Się zapewniamy kompleksową opiekę stomatologiczną dla dzieci, dorosłych i seniorów.

dentist Marta Niedziela-Sołtysiak

implantology, microscopic dentistry, implantoprosthetics

dentist Alicja Elwirska-Osińska


dr. stom. Patrycja Soltysiak

restorative dentistry, occlusion treatment, orthodontics

Price list

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts

Bite reconstruction and occlusal contacts - one toothfrom PLN 500
Bite correction/follow-up visitPLN 100
Comprehensive bite analysis, treatment planPLN 300
Tooth restoration / fillingfrom PLN 300
Examination, assessment of teeth condition / advicePLN 100
Prosthetic tooth restorationFrom PLN 1500
Tooth reconstruction with an all-ceramic crownfrom PLN 2200
Orthodontics / bracesfrom PLN 1800
Orthodontics, ORTHERO transparent overlays, entire treatmentfrom PLN 14000
Biofunctional complete prosthesisFrom PLN 2000


CondylographyPLN 600

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